I should have done a clever photography project… I didn’t so I’m sharing 3 of my previous one on weird dates when I was obviously more prepare.

On the 10.10.10 I posted on my Facebook a series of 10 photos from that day to commemorate the “palindrome“ (I know not quite exact if you write the year in the full form but I wasn’t born in 11.11.1111 so that’s that!).  My friends started to say I can’t wait for 11.11.11 and than the following year I can’t wait for 12.12.12 so I obliged.  Here’s are the images from the 3 years.

  • The 10.10.10 might have been the premise of my on-going Daily Photo.
  • The 11.11.11 challenge was for my friend Paige who was battling Breast Cancer and all her friends from our Beijing Group got a bracelet
  • The 12.12.12 collage… how could I not share my boring 12-hour day 😉

NB: Posted at 10.20pm 😉

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3jQVe5Q