Last week a friend of mine was in the middle of her own move and posted tons of pictures of all the treasures she was finding and of her two containers.

Mind you she’s been in Singapore 17 years so when you move your whole, almost two decades, life, filling up two 40ft container is understandable!

Our tiny little 20ft, about 2/3 full, container looks quite adorable in comparison. I still feel like we packed & moved too much stuff again. Well I guess we’ll just add this lot to the lots from Argentina (2001), Scotland (2005), China (2009), Norway (2013) and China again (2016). We are going to be so busy when retirement rolls in going through all those long lost “treasures” buried in boxes 😂

Ok I did build furniture that I couldn’t part with so it added up a bit 😉

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3geznCE