by A Total TaiTai Tale


Never fought so hard for anything 😂

Nowadays your mobile number is the “open sesame” for almost everything in your daily life: as mundane as ordering online or membership (here they often use your number as your “username”) or more troublesome like banking or visa/government (for me). So keeping my number was a top priority.

As a former dependent pass holder, my phone number couldn’t be under my name but had to be under my husband’s because he’s the holder of the employment pass. 🙄. #NoItsNotThe50sAnymoreButItFeelsLikeItInTheExpatWorld

Since hubby’s leaving Singapore (hence losing his EP) we had to change ownership of this number to me (now that I have my own visa!) and the only way to do it was to transfer it to a new telco company (the only one who would accept a transfer from another owner). What was supposed to be an easy two-step process (transferring ownership to me than transferring that number to my new Sim Card) ended up in a 2-week battle where I might or might not have cried on the phone to the customer service agent. I think they put my name on top of the list of priority to deal with because I was on chat (no number to call of course) almost every day for hours with an “Happiness expert” #MissionAccomplished.

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