Throw Back Thursday: Summer 2015

A calm summer summarized by friends and itchy feet.

I always think I had a relaxing summer in our summer house not doing much and then I got back through the posts:

Went to Paris for our annual check up, South of France for a quick visit to my parents at their summer house, visiting a “virtual” friend in Montpelier because it was in the neighborhood, had lunch in Geneva with a friend from Beijing, decided to stop in Annecy on my way back, dropping my nephew at a motocross summer camp in montelimat and best of all got to show my own region to BFF visiting.

That’s not counting annual BBQ with childhood friend, reconnecting with the village friends around concert and fair, a visit from university friend and his family, BBF visit and sister impromptu visit during the summer.

And thats while clocking my 10th country visited in 1 year! Yeah a calm summer (and year) 2015 ;-).

The whole set of pictures can be found: https://atotaltaitaitale.tumblr.com/tagged/c&jFrance2015/chrono


Just an reminder: Since we cannot travel this summer I’ve decided to do a Throw Back Thursday of our summer in France for the past 6 years, Why 6 years because that’s only how far back this blog goes, so I can easily link to more pictures and it turns out it’s the number of weeks until school start again 😉


from Tumblr https://ift.tt/33wWoxS