It’s our Singanniversary!! Let’s start Year 5

August 4, 2016 we landed in Singapore for an initial 2-year contrat which we hoped would be extended to another 2 years and it did.

We were getting to term to saying goodbye to Singapore when Covid-19 started. While in the midst of it, we had to make a school choice decision and we decided that at least part of the family was going to extend the “contract” for an additional 2 more years.

September 4, 2016 we moved in our new apartment and posted this view

August 4, 2020 our new view. Same, same but different.

PS: incidentally I started this blog 7 years ago on August 4, 2013 when we moved to Beijing (Version 2.0!) . I was thinking of closing it after our move to Paris but I guess I have to keep going….until I really move 😉. Let’s start documenting Year 8 then

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/2XtHpRD