by A Total TaiTai Tale


Throw Back Thursday: Summer 2016

The summer of Wanderlust & Friendship.

Our usually summer spent in our summer house in France with a lot of trips, most of them unplanned.

First was daughter first trip all by herself all the way to St Barts, a longer trip to Paris with hubby and son, a very very last minute girl trip to Amsterdam with BFF (booked the night before!) followed by a solo weekend in the south of France, decided while I was driving home from the airport back from Amsterdam, another trip to Paris and finally a mother-daughter trip to Switzerland to visit what would become her school 2 years later and at the same time reconnecting with expat friends (long long time ago friend). All this while managing a move from Beijing to Singapore. More pictures from summer 2016 are: https://atotaltaitaitale.tumblr.com/tagged/c&jFrance2016/chrono


Just an reminder: Since we cannot travel this summer I’ve decided to do a Throw Back Thursday of our summer in France for the past 6 years, Why 6 years because that’s only how far back this blog goes, so I can easily link to more pictures and it turns out it’s the number of weeks until school start again 😉


from Tumblr https://ift.tt/2DhcMaI