We decided to take advantages of the great weather (weekend and sunshine don’t always coincide during monsoon season) and still having a car to go explore Brunch option outside of our neighborhood.

It’s always the same when you are about to leave a place you realize all the things you thought you would have time to do and then 4 years pass and you haven’t done any of them 😜

So we went all the way to the North of the island, just across the Johor straits and Malaysia, a whooping 20 minutes drive and 12 miles away (a family member will remember our conservation 😜) near Seletar Airport.

The area was originally a rubber plants estate (….) in 1923 the Straits Settlement Gouvernment bought 600 acres and gave it to the British Royal Air Force as a site for its military air base in Singapore. It was handed back over to the Singapore government in 1971.

The area is dotted with colonial bungalows that were built for the military personnel of the RAF. In 2007 the government announced that some 174 bungalows had been set aside for demolition to make way for the new Seletar Aerospace Park, while 204 bungalows will be retained and some of these units will be converted into training schools and food and beverages outlets [we had brunch in one of them – Wheeler’s Estate], while 131 units will be set aside for residential use. (Wikipedia)

Until next weekend exploration 😉

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