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Month: June, 2020



Keeping myself informed and educated while keeping myself safe at home.

While the first couple of weeks of quarantine saw me binge watch a lot of shows I had on my list of To-Watch, I never stoop down to watching things I wouldn’t have watched normally.

I hate reality shows for example… so no I didn’t start watching Real Housewives and didn’t all of a sudden thought that Tiger King was worth my time. I have however enjoy having more time to watch shows and documentaries that would have normally been added to an ever growing list.

A few shows I really enjoyed. First few are about Black history, as it was Juneteenth yesterday and because there is no excuse to not being educated (I mean we used to have to drive to the library and we now have everything at our fingertips!) on any subjects: BLM, LGBTQ+, Religions, etc….

Documentaries/Film (1 episode)

13th Amendment – SelmaJust Mercy.

A Secret Love – American Factory – Becoming – Spelling the Dream – The 2 Popes – 22nd July

Documentaries/Series (several episodes)

Self Made – When They See Us – Who Killed Malcom X – Thruth be Told – The Eddy – Dear White People.

Unorthodox – The Family – Hollywood – Jeffrey Epstein – Sex & Love Around the World – 100 Humans – Diagnosis – Pandemic – History 101

Ok I’m into lightweight series too: Outlanders, Lucifer, Blacklist, Sex Education, Dead to Me, Working Mom, You, Ozark, The Good Place are few of my favorites. I’m also glad I got to watch Big Little Lies 2 seasons during the free month of HBO. Now if I could find a way to finally watch Handmaid’s Tale without subscribing to another streaming service.

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I played with food again.

Today, in Singapore, we enter phase 2 of the Circuit Breaker (the world called it lockdown but we are special !!).

We are free to go out whenever we want and wherever we want (well just on our little Red Dot… because right now if we leave there’s no certainty if/when we can re-enter -as a Employment/Dependant Pass holders-)

We actually started our Stay At Home* a little earlier than the rest of Singapore because our daughter came back from Switzerland to stay with us.

To our new freedom.


* Our stay at home started on March 15 for our family. Officially Singapore went on lockdown on April 4th, initially until May 15th then it was extended until June 1st, when we entered Phase 1 (no change at all for us, since it was mainly people could visit grandparents/grandchildren) and last night at 23:59 we started Phase 2 (reopening of Cafe & Restaurants, Gym & Swimming pools (all with social distancing of course), meeting at home with 5 persons is also allowed and you are not restricted to just your neighborhood…)

NB: WordPress readers there’s a little video underneath the photo just in case it doesn’t transfer from tumblr…. you know the drill, click on the link below 😉

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Back to school…. for an hour.

Weird time to say goodbye to friends… It would have been even worse if it was a real goodbye.

Drove him to school. While waiting in line to get thru the gate, firefighters truck zoomed by (it’s a dead end to the school ground). Because the end of the year is not crazy enough :-).

Barely had time to go grab a coffee that I had to turn around to pick him up. Lended books have been returned, locker emptied and See-You-Later sent & received.

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Somebody went a little crazy with the “do-not-cross” tape…. but I guess just the one strip didn’t deter people enough.

Everyone has some level of rebel in them

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The metal cantines came out of the storage.

Every 3 to 4 years, we each get a set of 3 nesting metal boxes (and some extra cardboard boxes) to pack up our life.

1 of 2 Leases signed 
1 of 2 Visas approved (in principle).

This is getting real.

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Friday 19…. freedom. (Lockdown over)

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Monday Murals Reminiscing Old Changi Days by Yip Yew Chong

I thought I would have had more wandering days to finish up my Monday Murals posts for the month of June but Covid happened… so here’s one side of the the 37m long mural at Changi Airport Terminal 4 Basement level reminisces the old Changi days before Changi Airport was built in 1970s.

I have posted individual murals in the past few weeks but wanted to show the extend of the whole mural.

Next week I’ll post the other side to wrap up this series.

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Rumor has it that PM Lee would announced tomorrow that the Phase 1 of the circuit breaker could be eased from next week.

It’s not that I’m tired of looking at my beautiful view but it would be great to be able to venture a little bit out of our neighborhood.

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I’m getting pampered… homemade ice cream sandwich in bed courtesy of the kiddos.

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Follow the rules.

Follow the lines.

Follow the space distance.

What used to be a quick trip to stores seems to take forever nowadays. Not that we are super busy anyway.

But also queue create demands I feel and places that I never saw so busy have long queue, almost like well if there’s a queue there must be something good at the end.

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