by A Total TaiTai Tale


We all have our own way of seeing things and coping with this new normal.

But common sense is still common sense. It’s not a Choose The Rules I Want To Adhere To menu. Louder doesn’t make your opinion right 🙄

Government stipulate that we can now meet up by group of 5 people. It doesn’t put it in black and white that booking several tables of 5 and mingling between table is forbidden but doesn’t it seem logical so social distancing and reducing virus spreading is more effective?

Interpretation of the rules never goes in our favor. I do not want to be caught on camera with different set of “friends” at my table. iPhone pictures and videos are so often used and shared in every situations nowadays. Case in point with people losing their visas last week after photos went viral of them gathering during circuit breakers. Rules are rules and putting in jeopardy the association (and by default the volunteer associates who run it) that organized those events is not fair.

I don’t think it’s fair that people don’t wear masks in public, especially in Singapore where it is mandatory, but I’m not going to go after every single one (to be fair there’re not that many) who decide to do as they please because at the end of the day, my blood pressure is more important 😉 and I can stay away from them. If they are caught on camera or by the Social Distancing Ambassadors, it doesn’t affect my ability of being able to stay in Singapore on my visa.

Having coffee with “friends” who decide that a table of 5 can mingle with the next table of 5 and the next table of 5, etc, etc CAN jeopardize my ability of staying in Singapore. So please don’t even think of doing it. Period.

End of rant. Back into my cave. Maybe I’ll keep this social distancing a bit longer.

This was not a good week. Next week already plans better. ❤️

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