by A Total TaiTai Tale


I played with food again.

Today, in Singapore, we enter phase 2 of the Circuit Breaker (the world called it lockdown but we are special !!).

We are free to go out whenever we want and wherever we want (well just on our little Red Dot… because right now if we leave there’s no certainty if/when we can re-enter -as a Employment/Dependant Pass holders-)

We actually started our Stay At Home* a little earlier than the rest of Singapore because our daughter came back from Switzerland to stay with us.

To our new freedom.


* Our stay at home started on March 15 for our family. Officially Singapore went on lockdown on April 4th, initially until May 15th then it was extended until June 1st, when we entered Phase 1 (no change at all for us, since it was mainly people could visit grandparents/grandchildren) and last night at 23:59 we started Phase 2 (reopening of Cafe & Restaurants, Gym & Swimming pools (all with social distancing of course), meeting at home with 5 persons is also allowed and you are not restricted to just your neighborhood…)

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