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Month: June, 2020



On Sunday somehow we started talking about the side of the bed we sleep on. I know exciting!!

I started to go down memory lane, trying to visualize and remember which side of the bed I usually sleep mostly (I knew it wasn’t consistent). I started to do some doodles and then it got serious and I did a little montage (ok to be fair I’m learning a new video editing program so I thought it would give me some material for practice). Cue to showing my little animation to dear daughter and she said I was weird because people pick a side and stick to it. What kind of maniac was I?

Was I an exception? Well better check with some friends…. my facebook friends and a poll went up.

When we move, or even when we are staying at a hotel I pick the side I will sleep on… there is NO logic in which side I pick. I just have a feeling, nothing to do with being closest/farthest from the door/window/bathroom/AC/plug/kiddos. That’s usually one of the first thing Hubby ask when we move to a new place or arrive at a hotel: so which side am I sleep on?

In case you care: As a couple it’s an even number of side: 6 times on the right and 6 times on the left. Sometimes I’m closer to the door sometime I’m farther from the door, same with the bathroom or the window. He might have been closer to the door/kiddos when they were younger but it was just a feeling when I chose the side 😉

And now from my +/- 48-hour Facebook poll:

Daughter was not in the majority!! I’m not that weird.

Slightly more people change side than people stick to the same side of the bed. For the ones who stick to the same side, in the vast majority it was mostly because hubby wanted one side and the wife didn’t care. We are so accommodating and they are so picky 😉. As for the ones who switch side, there seems to be a reason behind the choice. A large majority said husband near the door and wife closest to bathroom (a few exceptions when it was the reverse mostly mothers to young kids seem to privilege closer to door).

Two replies stand out. My friend Anne was exactly like me. She’s the one who picks the side without anything in mind (proximity or not) just a gut feeling. And my friend Rebecca’s reply made me laugh “The left side and yes I choose. However when we go on holiday hubby literally rushes to take owenership of the left side”. 😂

Thanks to all my friends who participated. Special mention to my friend Elke, I’m now going to stress when we go on trips together and will have to make sure she’s on the right bed because she’s on the Stick To One Side group. 😜

Do you you stick to one side or do you switch? Any reason?

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This was to be my goodbye Monday Murals Post.

Posing next to a painting of Durians, the King of Fruit (but smelly) in Asia by my favorite Singaporean Street artist Yip Yew Chong and the one I documented the most in the past 4 years.

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After also posting my “We Are Free To Go Out” video on my Facebook page, my friends were like I can’t wait to see the behind the scene of that one. Well I guess I had to create one then because I didn’t anticipate that for sure. I wasn’t going to go through the all process for 6 words so I did just one. Just watch.

Sorry for the few followers who have seen it on my Facebook and my Instagram. I had nothing else to post today so I’m recycling content. 😘

For the one who are curious: Shot on iPhone and Fujifilm xt1. Video editing with Lumafusion. “Art” with Procreate.

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When the management of crowd and social distancing goes to the top of the list of establishments you want to patronize and spend money at.

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We all have our own way of seeing things and coping with this new normal.

But common sense is still common sense. It’s not a Choose The Rules I Want To Adhere To menu. Louder doesn’t make your opinion right 🙄

Government stipulate that we can now meet up by group of 5 people. It doesn’t put it in black and white that booking several tables of 5 and mingling between table is forbidden but doesn’t it seem logical so social distancing and reducing virus spreading is more effective?

Interpretation of the rules never goes in our favor. I do not want to be caught on camera with different set of “friends” at my table. iPhone pictures and videos are so often used and shared in every situations nowadays. Case in point with people losing their visas last week after photos went viral of them gathering during circuit breakers. Rules are rules and putting in jeopardy the association (and by default the volunteer associates who run it) that organized those events is not fair.

I don’t think it’s fair that people don’t wear masks in public, especially in Singapore where it is mandatory, but I’m not going to go after every single one (to be fair there’re not that many) who decide to do as they please because at the end of the day, my blood pressure is more important 😉 and I can stay away from them. If they are caught on camera or by the Social Distancing Ambassadors, it doesn’t affect my ability of being able to stay in Singapore on my visa.

Having coffee with “friends” who decide that a table of 5 can mingle with the next table of 5 and the next table of 5, etc, etc CAN jeopardize my ability of staying in Singapore. So please don’t even think of doing it. Period.

End of rant. Back into my cave. Maybe I’ll keep this social distancing a bit longer.

This was not a good week. Next week already plans better. ❤️

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Current mood.

Should be happy we are not on lockdown anymore (bright spot)

yet feeling overwhelmed by the outside after 3 months of hunkering down (dark spot)

plus the southwest monsoon manage to coordinate its appearance right when we were free to roam the streets. (Those dark clouds in the sky every morning when I wake up!)

Just an FYI it was super sunny during our whole lockdown time and it’s been pouring as soon as we were able to go out!!! #SocialDistancingMadeEasy

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My turn to go back to the office. (No care package included 😜)

I had to remember to not only be presentable at the top but also on my bottom half. Three months of Zoom meeting habits are hard to break. Oh yeah and because of the Southwest monsoon season I was able to tolerate a pair of pants.

Side note: working with a mask on at all time is not the best. Better to endure my co-worker chit chat.

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The new way of showing you care.

Hubby had to go to the office for a couple hours and came back with a care package.

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Monday Murals Reminiscing Old Changi Days by Yip Yew Chong

I thought I would have had more wandering days to finish up my Monday Murals posts for the month of June but Covid happened… so here’s the other side of the the 37m long mural at Changi Airport Terminal 4 Basement level reminisces the old Changi days before Changi Airport was built in 1970s.

I have posted individual murals in the past few weeks but wanted to show the extend of the whole mural.

One last mural next week before what would have been the summer break from the series and also the end of documenting street arts in Singapore.

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Celebrating 2020 at 1919 😉

Our first outing after the end of the lockdown with friends to celebrate a birthday. In small committee but it was good to have humans interactions and good face to face conversations.

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