by A Total TaiTai Tale


After a drive to the south, we drove to the north of Margaret River.

Cape Naturaliste lighthouse is not as impressive in size as Leeuwin Lighthouse but was the last on mainland Australia to be home to lighthouse keepers who lived and worked here until 1996.

It was build in 1903 and stands on a 100 metre bluff overlooking the Geographe Bay. The light’s white beam is visible for 25 nautical miles (46km) and identifies itself to mariners by flashing twice every 10 seconds with 2.5 and 7.5 second interval.

The original Fresnel lens is still in place and is now driven by an electric motor but originally the clockwork mechanism rotated the lens which, including the turntable, weights about 12.5 tons. The turntable is hollow and contains 156.5 kg (or 12 litres) of mercury on which the lens float.

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