A Total TaiTai Tale

Tale of a Total TaiTai who was in Beijing & Beyond and is now in Singapore & Surroundings!

Month: October, 2019



They keep opening new venues.

We keep on going to try them.

They keep opening them closer and closer.

We keep on liking them more and more

Merci Marcel 😉

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When you have a meeting at Marina Bay Sands but there’s a mega conference hence there is zero parking spot so you end up at a parking on the other side of the Marina and you have to run around the esplanade to be on time but you still stop for a minute to enjoy the view (and take a quick picture too 😉) and remind yourself how lucky you are to live here.

Also already starting to say goodbye to dear friend who are moving on to other place and other project.

I would have run around the esplanade twice to not miss my meeting.

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One of the amazing advantages of living in Singapore it’s that it is an hub for (business and private) travel in the region which means reconnecting with friends met years ago (15 years in this case) in other far away land (Aberdeen, Scotland)

We were raising babies at the time… we kept moving around, they kept having babies and settle in Australia.

Let’s hope we don’t wait another 15 years before meeting again and bring your wife next time.

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Wednesday Woodworking Workshop – Week 3

Let’s carve those arms too.

Travisher…. we meet again. After working with you so many time I’ve learned to like you.

Our relationship didn’t start well. I tried to avoid you for the longest time but frankly for some jobs you cannot be avoided so I made peace with you and learnt to work hand in hand with you. I might even admit I like you now.

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Oh she’s up to something…again!!

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Monday Murals – Cantonese Opera  做大戏 by Yip Yew Chong

I passed by in the very early stage of the painting process and I was sure that the murals must be from Yip… I can recognize his style now.  I wished I could have gone back several times to follow the process but unfortunately, I was busy with other things and couldn’t make it.  It also took me several try to take the photos as there is often cars/trucks parked (illegally may i add!) in front of it

From his Website

I dreamt of painting this mural in Chinatown way back in Sept 2015, as a gift to my beloved Chinatown. As a little boy, I followed my aunt to watch Cantonese Operas all around Chinatown. I had fond memories of the dazzling costumes, the realistic backdrops and props, and acrobatic fighting, all of which inspired the style of my art.

It took me three years to discover, navigate and connect with the right stakeholders in Chinatown before the painting could start. I remembered the beginning was hard when my cold calls to house owners and the authorities with my proposal was rejected. However, I was lucky to meet and made friends with people who believed in the idea. They helped me connect with the right stakeholders and rally for their support. Finally, in April 2019, I painted the mural over 10 very hot and wet days. To make this dream come true more meaningful, I collaborated with the Community Chest to make this a fundraising event for various charities they support. As I had initiated and self-funded this project, 100% of all donations will go to the charities.

There are plenty of intricate details to appreciate in the mural, such as the actors/actresses’ costumes, the backstage activities, the postures and expressions of the spectators, and the mobile food stalls that had arrived to catch the businesses of the spectators. I hope this colourful mural will delight both locals and tourists, the young and old and people of all races. I hope it has made Chinatown culturally more interesting and the street more beautiful.

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It’s was Shopping Sunday.

You either know or you don’t

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Open house at my extremely talented artist friend Louise Hill.

She moved a few months ago in a very cute studio in an artist neighborhood and decided to open her studio every few weeks. We had errands to do so I took hubby too.

I might have eye one of her piece as a souvenir from our time in Asia… one can only buy is much furniture ;-).

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Ad an expat, every few years you need to recreate a community. You can find it through school, sport or activities but one of the big help is being a member of an association of newcomers, being the French branch or the American (usually more multi national) branch.

Every month a few members of the American Women Association of Singapore meet up for lunch at a new restaurant. It’s a good way to try out different restaurants, some we can decide to go again with our spouses for example and some we might think I’m glad I did try it for lunch but it might not be worth coming back.

Thanks to the lovely ladies of AWA we got to discover Pollen a restaurant that is in the Flower Dome of Gardens by the Bay. It was a great discovery and one that I would go back and even bring visitors.

Until next month and next discovery.

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When your daughter has better connection than yourself.

We got invited to the launch of a new luxury cruise yacht at the Republic Of Singapore Yacht Club before its departure on Sunday. #DaughterFriendParentConnection.

Originally built as a British Royal Navy Explore, the Aqua Blu has become a world-class luxury cruise yacht. The 15 cabins boat will cruise in the heart of the coral Triangle in East Indonesia between Komodo National Park, Ambon & Spice Island and Raja Ampat.

No Photos were allowed but trust me it was GORGEOUS.

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