by A Total TaiTai Tale


Today was a day spent at home…. Hazed and Confused just like Spotify playlist suggestion

So many gems in that playlist: No Air… Hard to Breathe (indeed!)… Flames (yep burning in Indonesia to clear forest)… Wake Me Up When September Ends… We Didn’t Start The Fire (yes really we didn’t it’s Indonesia)... Burn (it does smell like burn!)… I’m So Tired (well actually it’s more like headache!)… Smoke Gets In Your Eyes… Breathe Easy… Lose My Breath… Waiting On The World to Change (yes everyone choice has consequences!)

The haze is still strong over Singapore and we all hope it clear in time for the F1 Grand Prix this weekend.

When my hike got canceled this morning I was oh come on the AQI is not that high (that was my China brain talking!) but it does have a lingering fire smell in the air (my lungs have apparently adapted to the Singapore Air now because they don’t like the shortness of breath!)

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