Today it’s the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节)

Yes in the Chinese Calendar it’s already the middle of Autumn/Fall, yet it’s another week to start Autumn/Fall in the Gregorian calendar!

Mooncakes are usually associated with the festival. It’s a rich pastry typically filled with sweet-bean or lotus-seed paste.


Funny how you think that no matter what you’ll stick with celebrating your own National Holiday when you start living abroad but for example the 4th/14th of July is just another day of the week if you are not in the USA/France because it doesn’t have all the festivities surrounding those holidays. We came to enjoy celebrating August 9th in Singapore or October 1st in China or May 17th in Norway. It was May 25th in Argentina but I don’t remember big celebration. 🤔

You may have a Thanksgiving Dinner but you never have it on the Thursday, you’ll do it on the Saturday because it’s more convenient for the host and for the guests. Yet for every countries you have lived you take a little bit of their traditions with you when you go. After enduring hard to swallow heavy mooncakes in China for years I finally found some that I quite enjoy… I might have to try to find some once we moved away from Asia.

PS: Plates with HDB Design from Supermama Singapore

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