15+ years ago we were living in Scotland and I started reading the outlanders series of books by Diana Gabaldon.

It was amazing reading about the (romanticized) history of Scotland while living there. We even took trips to some of the places mentioned in the books and I met the author when she came to Aberdeen on her book tour. I remember reading them late into the night not being able to stop turning the pages.

When, a couple months ago, I finally decided to cave in and subscribe to Netflix (we don’t watch TV) the 4 seasons of Outlanders were there tempting me but I was afraid if I started it I would be going down a rabbit hole. The episodes are 1 hour long, there are 4 seasons out already and 13+ episodes per season… that’s a deep rabbit hole to fall into. Well I fell…way deep.

I blame it on my love of Scotland history… and maybe a bit on Jamie character 😜

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