Every year around this time I ask myself the same question: Should I just stop this?

I could start by not posting everyday and more sporadically but I know that if I don’t have any constraints it will go downhill. I would post every other days then maybe couple times a week to finally not be bothered to post at all.

I guess I should make peace with myself that not every post has to be informative, or entertaining, or funny… but just posting something is already an achievement. What seems mundane to me could be informative or entertaining or funny to other.

I want to have a good ending for ATotalTaiTaoTale… and as we are likely on our last year in Singapore maybe I need to see that as my finishing line. The grand finale. And if we stay… around the beginning of September next year I’ll post another rambling post about that maybe it’s time to stop it 😉

With already 2,222 days down what’s a few more?

P: I know a few of my followers (on Tumblr and WordPress) but there aremany I don’t know (or don’t recognize the username)… don’t be shy, introduce yourself and let me know what you think.

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