by A Total TaiTai Tale


Baby girl is leaving the little paradise that she called home for the past 6-month to embark on a trip that will take her to another island at the antipode. A little less than a month of vacation in her old turf and by her family before going back to her studies in Europe.

It will take her 36+ hours of door-to-door travel time but she’ll lose one day in the process. Leaving St Barth on the 13th and arriving in Singapore on the 15th.

Thank goodness for the modern technology that keep us connected.

Remembering when I left home 29 years ago and my parents had to wait until I had arrived at my final destination to receive a phone call reassuring them that I had made it safely to my destination… at some “stranger” home and a country I barely spoke the language, plus no daily communication either as I couldn’t afford the per minute rate between the USA and France phone call 😱

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