A Total TaiTai Tale

Tale of a Total TaiTai who was in Beijing & Beyond and is now in Singapore & Surroundings!

Month: May, 2019



When you take the scenic route, you come upon little gem that probably aren’t in any tour guide.

This was the home of Chen Wen Hai, one of Singapore’s pioneer artist. One of his paintings on gibbons is featured on Singapore 50-dollar Bill

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I haven’t participated in any walks with “my” group this year.

Not a single one.

I was busy at the beginning of the year with my workshops then I got lazy and I would find ways to not “being” able to go to the walks.

Yesterday I finally decide to kick my own butt and join the hiking group going around MacRitchie Reservoir, mainly because I couldn’t face another entire day at the apartment.

It was their last meet up before the summer break. What can I say, better late than never 😉

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Wednesday Wanderers Wonder

From time to time I stumble upon little pocket of China life in Singapore.

Fish drying on the sidewalk.

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I was getting myself set up with my after lunch cup and dessert (just because it’s Tuesday) and I thought it was worthy of a photo…. an Instagramable that I didn’t put on Instagram.

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Monday Murals – ArtWalk in Little India

Kathaka by Didier Mathieu aka Jaba – Serangoon Road &Upper Dickson Road

The name is a reference to a type of Indian dance. These Kathaka Indian dancers are not the easiest to photograph because of the location and pillars.

from Tumblr http://bit.ly/2K9hsku



European Elections. French Version

You go to the embassy and put your vote in the little envelope and in the ballot box.

1 person = 1 vote. No middle man.

Every vote is counted. My vote in Singapore count as much as if I had voted in my small village in France.

No expiration date either. I can vote for as long as I’m a citizen, no matter how long I’ve lived abroad.

The opening of the ballot box and the counting of votes is open to the public.


After living & traveling so much oversea… it’s a privilege to be able/allow to vote and noone should take it for granted.

It can take years to move forward and only months sometimes to move backward a century. Every single ballot count.

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When the waiters assume you’ll share your dessert with your fellow dinner companions. 🙄

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I swore last time that I wouldn’t do it anymore but somehow, in a kind of out of body experience, I heard myself say “Sure I can make the ads + Save The Date + Facebook banner for those 3 events” 🙄

While I know, and love playing around with different softwares, I’m not a graphic designer so pleasing “client” (even though those are not paying client and I’m a volunteer) give me anxiety. So I just went with my like (simple and classic) otherwise they can find somebody else.


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Thanks to the various expat groups I belong to I get to visit amazing places.

This is Eden Hall a landmark of Singapore History which was built 1904 by Ezekiel Manasseh and designed by the architect R.A.J. Bidwell who also designed the Raffels Hotel and Goodwood Park Hotel, 1957.

Eden House was sold to the British government for nominal sum stipulating that there must be a plaque at the bottom of the flag pole “May the Union Jack fly forever” after that it became the official residence of the British High Commissioner.

PS: If it reminds you of Wedgwood porcelain, your are not the only one.

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Wednesday Wanderes Wonder

I’m not a street photographer. Each time I try to “steal” a photo I remember the feeling of having our photos (or more often our children photos) “stolen” from us in China, especially in the early 2000s.

But sometimes I dare to take it and I always end up loving them. I need to start “stealing” photos more often.

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