by A Total TaiTai Tale



To wrap up my time in China, I stayed a few days in Beijing with my friend.

It’s a weird feeling to visit a place you’ve called home for a few years (twice 3 years in our case for Beijing). Everything looks familiar, as much as it can be with the very fast changing pace in Beijing, yet everything is different. You are not on daily routine mode, you are on tourist mode but yet you are not really the typical tourist.

What I liked about living close to the center in Beijing was that I could wander around different neighborhoods on my Vespa but this time I was constrained by taxi and my walking. But I did manage to walk 13 km that day; from Jinshang hill, around the Forbidden City to Qianmen with a little side tour to The Egg. It was a gorgeous day with blue sky and perfect spring temperature… just the way I want to remember Beijing.

There’s also the fact that a place is usually associated with the people you meet there and after almost three years of being away, and by the nature of our expat life, most of my friends have left. I did manage to catch up for coffee and lunch with a couple and had dinner on my last nights with a few more.

Will the China chapter truly be closed this time? Only time will tell 😉

from Tumblr http://bit.ly/2PnrzTk