by A Total TaiTai Tale


And this is the end of our Silk Road plane/train/road trip.

There is so much you can share through pictures and words, but there’s so much more when you are actually there. Seeing it with your own eyes, the pictures you didn’t take, those little furtive glances of daily life, those chitchat which give you little insider knowledge, it’s all about the feelings you get when you are actually in a place. And it’s especially true with trips to certain part of the world. I could talk for hours but not everything can be written because of so many factors involved.

Keep traveling. Experience the world with your family, with your bestie or even by yourself. Your badly taken pictures are worth so much more, because of the feelings and memories it will bring back, than the best photos from a book.

“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times”

from Tumblr http://bit.ly/2Pn94hL