A Total TaiTai Tale

Tale of a Total TaiTai who was in Beijing & Beyond and is now in Singapore & Surroundings!

Month: April, 2019



We took it down…

18,000 cups. Take away cups that were never taken away from the hawker centers.

For a moment it looked like an ocean of cups… unfortunately they often end up in the ocean.


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The end of Plastikophobia.

I was here at the beginning…

I’m here at the end.

But a lot less volunteers when there is no possibility of a selfie with the artist 🤔

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Monday Murals – ArtWalk in Little India.

Cattleland2 by Eunice Lim near Kerbeau Roa.

The work is a tribute both to the name of the nearby Kerbau (that’s a Malay word for Buffalo) Road and the reverence that Hindus place upon cattle, look closely at the traditional Indian patterns on the cattle.

Cattleland2 presents what is encompassed within a community: whimsical instances, organic relationships and unity in differences. Every individual has a unique take on life, and our relationships are enriched through our varying historical and cultural experiences. Through the depiction of cattle and the role they play in everyday life, the artist accentuates the concept of a diverse community. (ArtWalk2017)

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Enjoying the morning read with a view and the sound of the birds at Kebun Baru Birdsinging Club.

One of our go-to, a little bit out of the tourists path, place to take our visitors.

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When you thought you were out of Verveine herbal tea but find an hidden stash you picked out from your garden 2 summers ago.

Here’s the other side of my personality…. a lot more plausible than yesterday post 😉


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It’s the weekend.

I heard that’s what people do on the weekend.

Apparently expat = Gin & Tonic.

I wanted to try the expat life but in the comfort of my balcony. I was in bed less than an hour after that. ;-). They’re going to take my expat tittle away if this is known.

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I’m a World Record owner!!!

For participating in the world largest photoshoot. I was just a wangler… making sure the models and photographers were doing what they were supposed to do in a timely matters… aka the bossy one 😜

This was quite an interesting event and a great way to see a different part of Singapore and Singaporeans (and foreigners that I usually don’t necessarily meet). #OutsideMyComfortZone

As I was the only white person there, I was either asked for a photo or thought I must have been part of the team in charge 🤔

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My woodwork workshop had a pop up at MUJI.

I went to say hi, introduce hubby and I might have eyed one of their new chair design.

How quickly you forget the “painful” process of handcrafted piece.

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When your friend who was in town for the weekend invites you to breakfast at her hotel (well it was for 2 and she was by herself 😉)… you get to enjoy a new view of Singapore with your morning cuppa…before showing her YOUR Singapore!!!

On a side note there’s been quite a few “old” friends from our different postings coming through Singapore lately (I don’t post many photos of people) but it’s been great reconnecting. March & April have been good months for new and old friendship.

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Monday Murals – Little India

For the last 5 years (started in 2015) there’s been an annual multidisciplinary public art project in Little India calmly ArtWalk Little India and through artworks such as wall murals (what I’m concentrating on here), music, film and performances, artists bring to life history and traditions of Little India.

This piece, Madam Mogra, Jasmine of the City by Nadia Alsagoff was created for the ArtWalk Little India 2017. It’s located in a small alley between Race Course Road and Chandler Road. It’s a tribut to the sacrifices of migrant workers who come to Singapore to work for higher wages. It’s quite a longish artwork, in a very tight alleyway hence not easy to photograph. When I visited I liked that a well placed plant pot making it look like the artwork sprout from there!!

from Tumblr http://bit.ly/2Pn9chf