Stavanger May 2012 & Singapore March 2019.

Summer in Norway Vs Winter in Singapore 😉

In every country I’ve lived I have had that ONE friend.

Emily was that friend when I lived in Pau, France for less than a year. I always refer Pau as my hardest expat posting (even though I wasn’t an expat and she wasn’t either a “true” expat) but she made it so fun. She moved back to London a year or so later and we’ve kept in contact. We don’t see each other often or even talk that much. We keep up with our current life with comments on each other Instagram (she gave up Facebook) and DM if we think something is up. We met up once in London and then she had a stop in Stavanger a few years later. This time the cruise ship (she gives cross stiches classes on cruise ship every once in a while) had a stop in Singapore. We spend a great time together and it was like no time has passed. #TrueFriendship

To my other “that one friend” (you know who you are!) I cherish our friendship more than you might know, whether we talk all the time or not.

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