by A Total TaiTai Tale


Every year we have Les Journées du Patrimoine when usually places closed to the public open for a weekend and other have free entrance fee.
The queue for the Elysée for example (the president office/home) is huge and people wake up at 5am to start queuing. 😕. I wasn’t gonna Going to compete with that and chose less so sought-after places but for me more interesting.

A couple days ago I saw a screenshot of a Google map of Paris with “World Oldest Basketball Court” it picked my interest and I decided to go on a hunt. Turned out it’s usually not accessible to the public but was opened to for the weekend. #Scored.

I had a very nice chat with one of the woman on the board of directors and she explained the history of it. She even let me sneak in to see the First indoor pool built in Paris. (They are trying to raise funds to have it restored). Picture to follow

So how did Paris end up with the World Oldest (surviving) Basketball Court?

”While basketball was invented in 1891 at Springfield College in Massachusetts, the original court was destroyed by a fire so it doesn’t exist anymore. The Rue de Trévise court therefore was not the first basketball court in the world but the one still surviving.
A sports teacher from Springfield was sent to the Paris YMCA, bringing wit him “a football (a specific ball for the sport wasn’t introduced until much later) and some fruit baskets.” The gym was already modeled on the one at Springfield, and the iron balconies provided support for the baskets. The first recorded match on European soil took place at this spot in Paris on December 27 1893.”

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/2QAlm6M