The chaos yet in an orderly manner.

The start of the Chinese Ghost Month.
While in China everyone would burn their sacrifice (or fake money) in their own little fire, here in Singapore the fire is contained and sacrifice/burning fake money needs to be done in “official” places. Yet I’ve never seen Singapore with so much litter.

“In Chinese folk legend, the seventh lunar month is the Ghost Month. It is said that every year on the first day of the seventh lunar month, the gate of hell will be wide open and the ghosts will come out until the gate is closed on the 30th day of the month. For the safety of both ghosts and human beings, China has the tradition of worshipping the dead in lunar July since ancient times. In folk China, people would offer sacrifices on the first, second, fifteenth and last day of the Ghost Month. There are many taboos in the Ghost Month. For example, do not wear the clothes with your name, do not pat other people on the shoulder, do not whistle, children and senior citizens should not go out at night.” (source)

PS: before you tell me it’s not the 7th month (aka July) well it is my friend in the Chinese calendar ;-).

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/2OsGdXs