by A Total TaiTai Tale


Holiday Season (ie luncheons, dinners, parties) is upon us.

How to survive Holiday Season in Singapore… the Dressing up dilemma.

Since you cannot really use your cute little light summer dresses to go to those formal outings you start to dig out your more dressy outfits:

First you discard ¾ of them because you had thought at one point (ie you didn’t pack them up to never been seen again as long as you live in Singapore!) that they were the “lighter” of your outfits but you know better a year later.
You finally find one that could work (i.e no Polyester lining… you learned the hard way the sauna effect of them!)

Now the dilemma is how to get to the venue without sweating like a pig between the moment you leave your air-conditioned apartment and arrive at the air-conditioned venue:

If you are driving it’s simple you call the elevator but wait for it to reach your floor (28th in our case) in your A/C apartment, get in the elevator, get in your car and immediately put the A/C to 17C.
Once you reached the venue, you try to park as close as possible to the entrance (or elevator)
If you need to grab a cab or Uber. You need to call them from your A/C apartment, wait until they arrive, then and only then get into the elevator to reach the ground floor (so as to spend minimum time waiting outside!), ask them the crank the a/c and drop you off as close to the entrance as possible.

If you follow those steps to the t you might reached your lovely Holiday Luncheon/Dinner/Party with just a slight (sweaty) glow.
On the plus side I used to take boots and change into high heel when I reached the party nowadays I changed to flip flops 😉

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2jv4LC7