by A Total TaiTai Tale


Today was a “Loud music and killer dance moves in my active wear” kinda day at home.

It’s not because I now skipped the Monday walks because of ceramics workshops that my active wear has to be neglected, they only see the light of day once a week… I’m not that cruel!

Also that’s how I deal with housecleaning. I need distraction and social media is not a viable solution. For some obscure reason 5 minutes turned into 5 hours in front of the phone/computer and when I hear the keys in the door my first thought is that the kids must have forgotten something and I’m always surprised when they tell me they went through a whole day at school 😉.

PS: I spared you with a picture of me and my dance move… because I’m in talks with #nike #adidas #reebok #puma #asics #underarmour #lululemon #IHopeIDidntForgetAnySportBrands for sponsors blog posts 😜😂

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