by A Total TaiTai Tale


I didn’t want an expat-geared Photography Tour and I certainly got what I asked for and loved it.

Definitely on the minority side:

Sex: 3 girls out of 15 then 5 girls out of 20 (a group join us just for the second part of the trip for Borobudur)

Language: I’m always so impressed with the ability of people for languages. Most spoke English, Chinese (a few a couple different dialects on top of it) & Malay/Indonesian.

& Ethnicity: A Chinese couple from China, a Malaysian who has been living in Singapore forever, all other were Singaporean and this Ang Moh/TaiTai/Laowai/expat wife! (during the trip most people we came across couldn’t figure out why/how I was traveling with this group!!)

The 2 group leaders might have had a few concerns when I signed up for the tour but by the end of day 1 I won them over with my food intake skill and maybe a little bit with my photography skill too. After all they wouldn’t have to babysit me 😉

I learned I can actually survive even if they serve me rice morning, lunch and dinner.

I can hold my own among photographers (that little white girl ain’t bad after all!).

I also became fluent in Singlish, okay la 😉