by A Total TaiTai Tale


This is me starring at my non-phone for the past 5 days.

Its little heart (battery) wasn’t holding (and btw Paris with a phone (i.e. my main camera to be frank!) not holding battery for more than 2 hours is not fun). It went to have open heart surgery, the pronostics were good but then the more days it stayed there the less likely it will make a recovery.

I feel like I’m living in the 90s. People can only contact me when I’m at home (via Facebook because of course we don’t have a landline (well let me correct this, we do have a landline number what we don’t have is a phone hooked up to it 😉) and I need to plan my metro/bus route before leaving the house too. I might even have to flag a taxi in the street or worse need to buy a map of the street of Singapore.

I got a little lost in the metro today and I had to use my own brain and not google brain to solve the mystery (I got out at the wrong stop: Raffles Place MRT and I wanted Raffles City Mall which is at City Hall MRT).