by A Total TaiTai Tale


5 things I (re) learn from hanging out with a 5 years old today.

1. Shower needs to be taken very fast: Whole Hell can break very fast: Case in point the viral video about the professor giving an interview on CNN. Nothing happened -he’s super sweet- but we do live on the 28th floor after all!!

2. There’s a lot of calling your name: If he didn’t see/hear me for 10 minutes plus lots of questions too!

3. Five years old are hard to entertain when you don’t have toys anymore or kids TV

4. Who needs ambiance music when you have the Xbox has background noise.

5. There is no quiet uninterrupted reading by the pool: You are scared the whole time even in the shallow end

Bonus point: The face of strangers when my little guest called me “Auntie Celine” at the hawker center i.e. that’s the cute way of saying Miss Celine but “auntie” here is often use for the helpers. They couldn’t quite figure out how this white western girl could be the helper of this Asian looking kid! #priceless.

NB: his parents were at the maternity hence how I ended up with the little guy who was probably the best behave 5 years old I have ever seen. I had a 2-hour meeting this afternoon and he sat in a corner and was so patient. My friends were so impressed… after not quite knowing how to express their surprise at the mix race kid they thought was mine: so your husband is…. 😜