by A Total TaiTai Tale


So I came back home, unloaded the grocery shopping bags from the trunk and was greeted with this little announcement from the elevators.

My palms didn’t sweat, my heart didn’t race, my mind didn’t check 1367 things that I might have left plugged or running.

No. I just calmly walked up the garage ramp, tilted my head toward what could be the 28th floor, didn’t notice any big flames so proceed to go to the guards booth where somebody was complaining. The guards told them it was a fire drill and that there had been a notice for the past 2 weeks in the basement.

I was like but of course… I knew that! Just wanted to check how long it would last 😉

I’m just going to chill here for a bit because there is no way I’m going to climb 28 stories!!