by A Total TaiTai Tale


Yesterday was Sunday so today is… Walk Around the Island challenge day.

This was not a pretty walk. I knew when I took that picture right at the beginning (that’s Malaysia again on the other side of the Strait) that I needed to grab one when it was half way decent :-).

A very good chunk of it (basically everything that follow the “yellow” road) was walking along the road, with trucks, no shade and no sidewalk! We also left after 8:30 (it’s a long way to reach the starting point and no metro either) so let just say that by the end we didn’t smell like roses 😉

I’ve never seen a group of women so happy to reach their final destination… a cemetery!!

We need to end this challenge before summer (or even spring) kicks in.

No challenge next week as it is spring break for the school where a lot of the moms have their kids (not mine). Back in two weeks.