by A Total TaiTai Tale


Moving Day.

Not mine obviously (I just got here!) but after reading a couple articles about “The Inauguration day and Moving of the White House Residence” I couldn’t not notice the similarity between our experience 😉

The difference between their move and an expat move.

They knew about their moving date 4 years in advance (to the day and hour!) => Expat family are happy if they know 4 MONTHS (& for some 4 WEEKS in not unheard of) in advance (and it’s a vague day and time anyway)
The transfer of families takes 5 hours => Let’s just say we do not count our transfer in hours… more like weeks (of packing & unpacking) and sometimes months (for receiving it on the other end)
I call it organised chaos said Gary Walters, who choreographed several transfers of families => We call it just chaos (and there is no choreographer involved)
“It’s energising, said Ann Stock, who saw the transfer up close as the Clintons’ social secretary, but absolutely exhausting.” => It’s just exhausting, pure exhaustion mentally and physically (and again no social secretary involved)
The outgoing family’s moving trucks pull into the west side of the South Portico driveway. The incoming family’s moving trucks pull into the east side of the South Portico. => I really don’t care who’s moving in after me to be frank and they’d better not rush me anyway!
Room temperatures and humidity levels are set to the new family’s preferences (…) The new president’s interior decorator and a few other members of his entourage help unpack and arrange furniture . All boxes are emptied, and clothes are placed in closets and drawers => one can only dream!
Unlike pretty much everyone else who has ever relocated, the president will not have three unopened moving boxes sitting in the back of a closet => And now i feel really really bad about that ONE box i haven’t managed to unpack in the corner of my office (almost 5 months after moving in)
Moving day are stressful… i feel for you but at least you are staying in the same neighborhood so you don’t have to say goodbye to your friends