by A Total TaiTai Tale


This is where little boys’ dreams come crashing (& Santa list altered?!) 😉

This was the Battle Ship format of Parent-Teacher conferences. Tonight your moves will be F2, C5, E6, G6, E7, A6, C7, A7, B5 & D5!.

J was the only student there (it was mandatory at our former school for students to be present) but the teachers really like seeing him there. After all we are talking about how HE is doing in class, what he does well and what he needs to improve so better to hear it first hand.

Parent-Teacher conference always feel like speeding dating: you get 6 mn to get a sense of who the teacher is (they do the same with the parents) and get as much information about your child “life” in those 8 hours they spend there.

Christmas list won’t be cut down for J.