by A Total TaiTai Tale


Those of you who have been following for a while know I used to go on a monthly hike to the Great Wall with the BeijingPashan. (I never whined, loved the numerous steps and resisted every month the get together after the hike to drink a white beer to “help” with the muscle pain 😉).

With the highest point in Singapore being 164 meter (Bukit Timah hill – visible from my balcony) I had a hard time finding a hiking group!! I did however find a walking group but going in circles around the Botanical Garden (which is very conveniently right next to us) didn’t motivate me that much.

But then they advertised for a “Around the Island Walk”… I was intrigued. The grand tour of the main island is around 130 kms and will be done in 13 sections. I missed the first section (we were in Bali – make up section will be done shortly, apparently no cheating!) but joined for section 2 today.

It’s a fast pace. The weather was overcast (I pretended it was pollution to feel like I was back in Beijing!) and the rain caught with us about ¾ into the walk (so I ended the walk sweaty and soaked!). Next section next week and we start exactly at the point we finished. When I tell you there’s no cheating they mean it.