by A Total TaiTai Tale


I feel like I’m playing the lotto when I park the car on the street parking lots.

These are parking coupons. You buy a pack of 10, either 50 cents or S$1 value for each coupon and used as many as you need for the amount of time you think you’ll stay.

I was at a S$1 per 30mn parking lot and I was staying 1 hour so I needed 4 tickets (50 cents value).

You need to punch the Year/Month/Day then the start time (hour and minute) on your first coupon, then the start time of your second coupon is the end of the time of your first coupon, etc, etc. It’s a little time consuming and I was a little afraid of punching the wrong thing and voiding the coupon (hence wasting money). Thankfully I arrived early to my appointment so I had time to cast my vote, I mean punch my time 😉 #GettingToKnowTheLocalCustoms