by A Total TaiTai Tale


Grocery shopping is officially back on the hate list again.

You would think that with the more limited choice in Beijing (yet a lot better than during our fist time there) I would be in heaven here with the choice.

Well on one hand yes, each time I go grocery shopping I can see myself pulling out from the back of my mind recipes I haven’t done in years. On the other hand NO. While the choice is great, the grocery stores are not well located (oh the joy of going to the store on my scooter in Beijing!!) and there is almost never a direct link between the parking lot and the grocery store (very limited parking places and stairs to get to the stores) So I’m left with carrying the multiple bags (because I still always forget I have to carry them!) to the car (plus I need to carry them from the car to the elevator then the apartment)

I know I know first world problem.

But it’s my party, I mean blog, and I’ll cry, I mean pity myself, if I want to 😉