by A Total TaiTai Tale


There’s two sure ways to meet new people and find new friends when you move around:

Having kids in school.
The younger the better. For some odd reasons, pass a certain age they don’t like it so much when you take them to the gate, kiss them in front of their friends and wave to them until they reach their classroom. That’s actually just you showing off to the other moms around how good of a mom you are!

Another way is animals:

More specifically the kind you walk around i.e. dogs. You just look weird with a cat on a leash or walking around with your fish bowl… Just saying. Park are the best place and you don’t look out of place when you congratulate somebody on their little pooch!

Apparently going to the gym is another way of meeting people. Or so I’ve heard.
Well gym + me = never been friends. I gave it a try last week and as you can see not a lot of potential, I guess I’ll have to come back and try at a different time.

I mainly went because there is cafe right next to it and after meeting new friends at said gym I could, in a few months, default to my standard go-to line: “you go to the gym I’ll meet you at the cafe after your workout”. It worked with BFF Elke in Beijing I have hope it will work here too 😉