Let’s talk about S… weat 😉

Up until recently I thought:

I can do this.

It’s not as hot as I thought.

Humidity doesn’t bother me that much.

I even contemplated the idea that I might in a near future, when I got even more use to it, wear light pants again.

Then a couple days ago when I dropped off the kids at the bus stop at 6:50am (yes you read that right before 7am!) it hit (heat?!) me, you know just like when you open your oven after your cake just finished cooking… the heat, the humidity, the stuffiness and I swore right there, right then that I would never wear pants (& oh my lovely trusted jeans) in Singapore.

Fast forward to today with a big storm with heavy rain during the night and my brain went back to “it must be cooler let’s take this opportunity to wear pants”. Dropping off the kids was ok, then I spent the morning in the fridge (aka the hotel room – more on the fridge vs oven on a later post) so I was ok. Then, then I wanted/needed a coffee and decided to go to Starbucks, a 5-minute walk across the street at the nearby mall. And that’s when I swore for the second time in two days that I would hide my pants at the top of the tall cupboard to not even be tempted to put them on ever again…. Or maybe in 10 years when I’ll get use to the heat.