We are staying in a service apartment.

It just happens that all the families from the company who are moving to Singapore this summer are staying at the same service apartment building.

There’s always a friend to play with at the pool and adult have instant buddy to share “aperitif”.

The few other clients have no idea what hit them at breakfast time or late afternoon by the pool. They think they are dreaming and have been transported to Paris with all this French speaking around them. ;-).

I joked with a couple of friends who have lived in camps in different countries in Africa that I now understand what it feels like. “Community” living is not really for me… On the long term.

To be fair it’s been a great way to meet the different families (especially because a lot are moving here at the same time) and I wouldn’t have met them since I won’t be living near the Frenchies and the kiddos don’t go to the French school.

There’s always a silver lining.