by A Total TaiTai Tale


And it begins… My house looking like a packing war zone.

Moving companies came yesterday to tell us how much useless things we have accumulated in the past 3 years.

We arrived with less than 10m3 let’s see how much we will leave with!!

Quote of the day:

“Please be very careful of not having any kind of currency in the move. (Check pockets, bags, etc) because you will be fined in they find any.”

“Also since the Tianjin incident (where they were an explosion near the port -not related to containers mind you but with illegal storage of explosives) they are very very strict with food items (no spice, tea, any food, etc) in the shipment.”

Then my husband asked about exporting an electric scooter (the push kind not our e-scooter) or even an hover board (you know the one with the lithium battery) to which she replied yes no problem with those. 🙂

Oh China when my 50 gr of spice jars could cause our shipment to stay in China but a well documented battery sudden burst are freely exportable.