by A Total TaiTai Tale


I keep telling my friends that old people often “walk” their birds to the park early in the morning.

First they don’t want to believe me (or don’t really grasp the concept) and second they want to see it with their own eyes when they visit.

Of course each time you want to see it, you don’t. It’s usually a lucky encounter just like this morning when I dropped the kids at the bus stop (which I rarely do nowadays). You then need to look for your phone, open your photo app and fire the shot. This is not about good composition, lighting etc it’s about seizing the moment.

PS: and so you know we have the exact same 2 cages with the handle and the cloth but missus the birds in our house in France. It was a little souvenir we brought back from our first time in Beijing. We saw them all the time around our place in the morning so it was a great reminder.