by A Total TaiTai Tale



For those who don’t know what is WeChat (cf my last post!)

WeChat (微信-weixin) is THE app you download as soon as you land in China.

It’s a mixture of Facebook (Moments/Status) Instagram (photos), WhatsApp (text & voice message), Skype (Video Conference), Twitter, Forum board and even location sharing (very useful to tell people where you are or where something is).

Remember FB, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc are blocked here in China so this standalone messaging app is great. (It has 700+ million Monthly active users as of March 2016!)

That is most likely the one thing people who want to keep in contact will ask you: “should I scan you or do you want to scan me?” Not your phone number, not your email address (forget about Facebook!). Easy peasy… Scan the QR code and you are connected.