by A Total TaiTai Tale


I finally found it… The poster telling innocent Chinese girls to be careful of the charming 老外laowai (foreigner) boyfriend.

Dangerous love

These were made to warn women working in political office about the dangers of dating foreigners.

Here’s the plot in a nutshell. Woman who works in the foreign publicity department of a Chinese government department gets invited to a dinner party, woman meets a visiting scholar, they go on dates, things get serious (oo-la-la), and then the scholar begins to ask her for confidential internal references from her office to help with some academic papers he’s writing. Then he disappears, never to be heard from again, resulting in a little visit from the Public Security Bureau.

So the moral is, ladies working in government offices must stay vigilant and don’t trust those sneaky scholars, or foreigners in general, as they all probably have some sort of hidden agenda to squeeze confidential materials from naive government workers. In movies and television, this is normally how these things work. Maybe she will be able to do the double agent thing to shave a couple of years off her prison sentence. But your best bet is not to be put in this totally f-awkward situation in the first place.

However, who can resist that fellow in the glasses? His Aquiline nose and ginger hair would make even the most cautious government worker swoon. Without a doubt, we would also hand over our social security numbers or other sensitive materials to this hunk of manliness if he so much as reached across the table, held our hands in his, and stared at us deeply with his black cartoon eyes. It’s getting hot in here.

To see the full comic for your reading pleasure you can find it on The Beijinger: