by A Total TaiTai Tale


I have never been able to finish a 365-project (you know when you take a photo a day for an entire year) but I finally did. The secret was breaking it down into 100-day project.

It all started in December 2014 when I realized that December 25 was exactly 100 days before my 45th birthday so I decided to take a picture each day: “100 Days Before 45” was born. I enjoyed the challenge so I kept going with “100 Days After 45”. Again I wasn’t too bored with the process (plus I was in the middle of my vacation in France!) and noticed that if I did another 100 days it would coincide with my fête (name day/Saint day which we celebrate in France) so here I was with “100 More Days”. I was now short of only 65 days to complete an effortless 365-project so here came “65 More To 365”.

I printed all 4 books but it started to be addictive and on December 25, 2015 I thought hey if I do 100 more I would have documented my whole 45th year ;-).

This is the little collage of the 366 days (leap year) of my 45th year (April 2015-April 2016)

PS: I used an app called Day One (iOS) to collected my picture everyday. The only rule I gave myself was that the picture was to be taken that day. Some days are more challenging than others (vacation vs boring day at home!)