by A Total TaiTai Tale


Earthquake update:

We are in Kobe which is an hour south of Osaka (near that tiny sliver of land).

We didn’t feel the earthquake on the 14 or 15th. I actually didn’t know about it until I arrived at school and the softball coaches told me. Husband didn’t send any message/email either since he knew it was way south and didn’t want to scare me after what happened just a year ago – shy of 10 days- in Nepal.

However last night I heard people talking loudly in the hotel corridor not long after I had fallen asleep, I just put it to drunk people coming back to the hotel after a night in the town, it was after all Friday night!

Again when I arrived at school the coaches were talking about their experience. They are staying in an hotel near the school (which is on an man made island) and they did feel and “see” the shaking.

Everybody is safe.