A Total TaiTai Tale

Tale of a Total TaiTai who was in Beijing & Beyond and is now in Singapore & Surroundings!



Today I justify hauling around the world my sewing machine and material. It gets out of the box on average 0.75 time a year 😉

Because who doesn’t start a sewing project 72 hours before leaving on vacation anyway?

I blame the Internet provider because they didn’t provide what they say they would so I search for something to do and remember I’ve been putting off this project for the last 10 months 😉

The 6 waterproof cushions will look awesome in my backyard in France next week


What do you mean you don’t dance before you start work? Employees who dance together, work better together! Dance routine before new shift start. Somebody was taking notes… Better watch out your hands-feet coordination 😉 that’s Beijing